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Art: Workshop
5 September 2018 - 9 September 2018 , 09:00 bis 18:00

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 Am weißen Kreuz 3, Mühlhausen, 69242
06222 9358547
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DATE:                  September 2017, 5th through 9th 


SCHEDULE:      9am through 13pm and de 14pm through 18pm.


PRICE:                 650 euros.





Welcome to the workshop!


In these few days we will go through the whole process of an oil painting, from the first approach, through the successive glazing layers and to the final touches. The subject will be a portrait of your own choice but under certain common guidelines (good image with clear color and as high as possible definition, centered on the face, trying to avoid monochromatic or poor color images). We will create a group on Facebook to check each proposal and talk about “anything” we might want to, two weeks before the workshop. This way we will know each other, will share are thoughts about the work and will comment any doubt or idea to get to the first day ready to get to work.


My main goal is to trasmit every single aspect of each step, not hidding a detail. It is not about creating a whole painting in four days, but about leaving the course being able to face any new work in much better conditions and with more and better tools in our head and hands. To achieve that I will do some demos, thoroughly explaining every step of the process and then, we all will apply it all to our own paintings.

My intention is to touch and practice each moment of the process even though that will not mean to finish every part of our painting, but instead, thoroughly understanding the process and its bases.


Through the Facebook group I will comment with each of you, support, size, priming steps and preparatory drawing to make sure we all get to the first day of the workshop at the same stage and ready to start with color. It will also be great to help us all to get to know each other and for me to know your work and personal style.



In my process, the materials we use are very important. So, even though I will try to addapt to each of you, there will be some minimum requirements for all of us to work in optimum conditions:



To paint an oil It is crucial the use a very good support, which does not mean expensive at all. I work on Plywood 7mm (aprox. 1/3 of an inch), width, primed with a wood sealant and four coats of gesso, each of them nicely sanded when dry. This support works really well and is very inexpensive. If anybody likes canvas better it is fine with me as long as it is a good quality piece (Belgium linen is a really good one here in Spain). 


Based on my experience, a non appropriate support will ruin your workshop cause the first coat will turn into a nightmare which will take most of your time to go through it and therefore it will spoil your whole weekend. Through the group I will check on each piece, one by one.



I will provide them (they are included in the price of the workshop), so you can get to know and practice with the kind I use, very special for coats and glazings to work perfectly. 


Apart from these ones you can bring your own and we can comment about them at the Facebook group. They must be soft hair (we will not use bristle brushes), and any kind (round, flat, big flat brushes…), will be welcome.  J:VALERO


Esmeralda Deike
Haus & Atelier
Am Weißen Kreuz, 3. 69242-Mühlhausen-Kraichgau.
Baden-Württemberg Deutschland                                                                      Tel.: +49-6222-9358547 Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!                                                                                                                                                                                            

5 September 2018 9 September 2018 ART INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP PAINTING

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